Tiziana Greco

musician vocalist composer teacher


my ride into music began as kid on a minikeyboard, where i just spend hours and hours playing around. since then i’m fascinated by all kind of noises and sounds and bring my ideas to life trough my voice and instruments, my compositions, improvisations and performances. september 2020 i got my master’s degree in pedagogy (jazz vocals) at zhdk. currently i’m living in lucerne, teaching at a music school and as a private teacher and working on my music projects as well as participating in interdisciplinary collaborations.


luce – anti rush // soloproject
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korto – insert genre please // quartett
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past projects // diverses

active member of Frauen*streik Luzern and Kulturhaus Littau

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upcoming gigs

25. September 2021 – Experimentelles Solo Set @ Amarus Festival, Progr Bern

14. Oktober – Luce und Pet Owner @ Gartenkonzert, Winterthur

15. Oktober – Luce und Pet Owner @ Wohnzimmerkonzert, Basel

21. Oktober – Luce und Pet Owner @ Gartenkonzert, Bonstetten

23. Oktober – Experimentelles Solo Set @ Work Out Jazz, Zürich

28. Oktober 2021 – Luce und Pet Owner @ Wohnzimmerkonzert, Bern

30. Oktober 2021 – Musik zum Vortrag „Theater der Goldenen Zwanzigerjahre“ am Fernwehfestival der SAPA, Bern

9. Dezember 2021 – Luce und Namaka @ Albani, Winterthur

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teaching since 2015, available for private lessons

i love to collaborate, hit me up