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giving private lessons since 2015
teaching children and choirs since 2016

Tiziana Greco

musician – vocalist – composer – teacher


when i was four years old my ride into music began on a minikeyboard, where i just spend hours and hours playing around. since then i’m fascinated by all kind of noises and sounds and bring my ideas to life trough my voice, my instruments, my compositions. doing my master’s degree at zhdk, i’m currently living in berlin and working on my solo project.


luce – anti rush // soloproject
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past project: orion quintett // bachelorproject
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upcoming gigs

15. september – ytyt at box, luzern // dance collab
17. october – luce at sender, zürich
19. october – luce ep release fête at neubad, luzern
22. october – luce at il piccolo mondo, winterthur
9. november – luce at pressoire, morges
14. november – luce at o’bolles, bern